Christmas mix - edible drink toppers


Our drink toppers are made from high quality rice/wafer paper. 

30 drink toppers x 1.5 inch

15 drink toppers x 2 inch

12 drink toppers x 2.5 inch

6 drink toppers x 3 inch

They are best used on drinks that have a foam for example cocktails, beer, coffee or even hot chocolate. Also best applied immediately before serving.


  • 30 x 1.5" toppers (all pre-cut) 
  • 15 x 2" toppers (all pre-cut)
  • 12 x 2.5" toppers (all pre-cut)
  • 6 x 3" toppers (only fondant pre-cut). 

 photo credit to #ginthusiasm_ on instagram 

And #drinks_at_6 on instagram

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