Edible Film Reel - Portrait

An A4 portrait style edible film strip edible print - add your own personalised photographs.

Black and white option available.


A4:  There are 2 strips of 5 photos on each sheet meaning you can choose up to 10 photos.

Size of each strip measures 10.5inches long by 3.5inches high which will give you 21 inches for your cake per A4 sheet. 

It is best to supply the images as portrait rather than landscape as this can cause the images to look stretched. 

Once we have received your images we will send you a proof (to your email as quoted at checkout) for your approval before dispatching your order. Once the proof has been confirmed and dispatched these cannot be refunded.

The sheet will be delivered in a protective sleeve.  We advise the sheet should be kept in there until required to prevent moisture causing damage.

Please send us a message if you have any queries as we are always eager to help!

Circumference 8" cake = 25.1" (63.8cm) 

Circumference 10" cake = 31.4" (79.8cm) 

Circumference 12" cake = 37.7" (95.8cm) 

Circumference 14" cake = 43.5" (111.7cm) 

Circumference 16" cake = 50.3" (127.7cm) 

Email: enquiries@incrediblecaketoppers.co.uk



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