Unicorn edible paint painting palettes

This listing is for an A4 sheet of edible ink printed circles (available in two sizes). They are painted onto icing. 

To use:

Simply wet a thin paint brush (not too much water!)

Then touch the circles with the brush to create paint. 

They are only suitable for one use and are on one A4 sheet so if you want individual sheets you will need to cut them into rectangles with scissors. 

Colours may vary slightly as edible inks can print differently as seen on the screen. 

Great for decorating Unicorn cookies. 

Available in two sizes. 

6 on a sheet measure 13cm x 9cm rectangle (circles approx 4cm)

9 on a sheet measure 9cm x 6.5cm rectangle (circles approx 2.5cm)

For a list of ingredients go to our frequently asked questions. Icing sheets and edible inks. 

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