Add a bit of pizzaz to your afternoon cream teas and brownie boxes.

July 18, 2020

Add a bit of pizzaz to your afternoon cream teas and brownie boxes.

Hi everyone!

I haven't wrote a blog in a while as life has been a bit upside down during these awful times. I hope you are all ok and managed during lockdown and that everyone is well and safe. Thank you for all your support as we too have had our challenges over the last few months. 

During lockdown we took time to update a few products and we are still currently updating some designs. New home will be appearing soon.  

We had a few enquiries about packaging paper so we did some research and made some samples and this is what we came up with. We are open to ideas if you think there is something we should change so please drop us a message and we will see what we can do.

The packaging paper is made from high quality vellum paper and is available in two thickness, 62gsm and 83gsm. We can supply thicker 110gsm but we found this wasn't as good for folding in the cake boxes. However if it is something you would like just give us a shout.

The inks we use are 100% food safe. A logo with a white or pale background works best as if there is too much ink the paper can tend to curl.  A bold text works well too. I have attached a few samples to look at. 


We have also added a review widget on our website, when you place an order you will receive an email asking for a review. We are always very grateful for feedback as customer service is very important to us. As a thank you, if you upload a photo,  you will receive a 10% code to use on your next order.

Finally I wish you all well for the rest of 2020 and hope your businesses start to thrive and everyone stays safe along with your families and friends.

Happy baking!

Sarah and the Incredible Cake Topper Team 


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