Wrap it!

October 15, 2020

Wrap it!

Hi cake professionals, hobby bakers and foodies. Just thought I would write a little blog during these very trying times. It truly is awful for small businesses but hopefully we can support each other and still keep people smiling with your wonderful creations. 

I have supplied cake ribbons for a while now but I keep getting asked for sheets to wrap around a whole cake. Over the last few months I have added some designs and a few examples. 

One of which is made by Jen at cupcakesbyjen in Aberdeen using our giraffe print. Jen used two A4 edible fondant sheets for this 6 inch round cake (approx 6 inch high). 


How do you use them? Well, it's quite simple... trim the sheet using scissors and a ruler to the required size. Then peel the fondant icing sheet away from the backing paper.  If it doesn't peel away easily you can pop it in the freezer for a minute. Don't get any water on or the print can smudge.  It is best to use a pallette knife to remove the image from the sheet. 

Then using edible glue or a tiny bit of water on a paint brush moisten the cake where the print is to go.  Gently add the sheet and smooth any bubbles. 

I will be adding more patterns onto the website but if you have something specific just send us a message via facebook, instagram, email or messenger. We are looking at zebra designs at the moment... so watch this space!

We can also provide matching cupcakes and stickers to match.

Take care everyone and stay safe!!

Sarah and the team



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