Getting back to normal....

February 24, 2021

Getting back to normal....


Hope everyone is keeping safe and fingers crossed we can all meet up with our families and friends soon.

I am Sarah and the owner of Incredible Cake Toppers. I wanted to write this blog to help you understand a little about ourselves.

We are a small family business and I create the edible prints, edible cake/cupcake toppers, supply edible flowers, edible drink toppers and logo packaging paper.

My friend (who I have known for nearly 20 years) Elizabeth has her small family business called Big Mabel.  Elizabeth designs and creates the non-edible products. For example, stickers, hygiene labels, allergen labels, glitter cake toppers, bespoke cake toppers and circle acrylic toppers.

Over one of our many coffee and cake get togethers we came up with the idea to join forces to support each other with customers orders. We help each other with new ideas and as we live so close we can help each other out whenever we can (however not in person recently due to Covid). 

You can order directly on the website/email/messenger where you can add all types of products to your basket, edible and non-edible therefore saving postage costs and being able to order everything in the same place. 

You may receive proofs from both myself and Elizabeth to confirm your order depending on what you have purchased however everything will be posted together. 

We take pride on our super fast service and try and dispatch edible orders the same day but non-edibles may take a little longer depending on the complexity.

Any questions are always welcomed no matter how small.

It has certainly been a challenge the last year and I want to thank you for all your support and loyalty to keep us going.

All the best for a better 2021.


Sarah and the Incredible Cake Topper Team

and Elizabeth and her Big Mabel Team.


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