What's the difference - Rice Paper, Wafer Card or Fondant?

November 02, 2022

What's the difference - Rice Paper, Wafer Card or Fondant?

We get many enquiries about which type of topper is best to use. Well, it is preference. Hopefully the following will help you choose. 

Rice Paper, Wafer Card or Fondant.

Rice Paper is thin and easy to use. All our cupcake toppers are pre-cut for your convenience. Rice Paper is ideal if you want an economical and faster way of decorating your cakes.

Wafer Card is premium thick rice paper and great for stand ups on cakes. 

Fondant is more luxurious hence being a little more expensive. The images and text look more professional especially if you also add them onto a disc of flower paste (see previous blog).  Please see full instructions on how to remove the backing paper under our frequently asked questions section. 

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Please feel free to get in contact with us if you need any assistance in choosing which icing is best for your requirements. We are always happy to help!


Sarah @ Incredible Cake Toppers 




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