June 07, 2022


Hey everyone! Hope you have all recovered from the Jubilee celebrations. I must admit I thought they were fantastic. A tremendous display of lights, music and celebration to celebrate our Queen's glorious 70 years. It is fantastic to see people enjoying themselves again after Covid.

Anyway! back to cake toppers! We get asked regularly, what is the difference between the cake toppers?

We supply three different types.

The most economical are our rice paper discs. Only the cupcake toppers are pre-cut. Sizes consist of 1.5 inch (for mini cupcakes), 2 inch (for standard cupcakes) and 3 inch (great for cookies). Larger cake toppers are not pre-cut.

Then we have the middle of the range which are our wafer card discs. This is basically thicker rice paper. So better quality and firmer which means you can stand them upright into your cupcakes without going soggy! Again the cupcake toppers are pre-cut but the larger ones are not.

Then we have our premium discs. Made from thin layers of fondant icing these are the best for print quality as they are white and not transparent like rice paper. All the cupcake toppers and cake toppers are pre-cut. Only images printed onto an A4 icing sheet would need to be cut out with scissors, it is easy to do.


It will soon be Father's Day and if you are looking to order some father's day cake toppers then add discount code DAD10 to receive 10% discount. This will only be valid until 9th June. So be quick!

We are always happy to answer any questions regarding our products so feel free to chat us online.

Sarah and the team!

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