To Try is To Succeed.............

March 29, 2017

To Try is To Succeed.............

This is the opening sentence on the inspiring website for 'Climbing Out'.......

My school friend Kelda is an inspiration to so many young people when she founded Climbing Out charity after suffering a serious leg injury which had a huge impact on her life. 

Having just missed out on the Paralympic Games in Rio she joined the Adaptive Grand Slam Team and successfully summited Aconcagua, the highest peak in South America at 7,000m.

Climbing Out runs 5 day outdoor activity programmes aimed at rebuilding self esteem and regaining confidence in young people who have had a life changing injury, illness or trauma.

We have donated some of our cupcake toppers to help with their outstanding work and hope to help them in the future with their fundraising events. If you would like to help please contact Kelda @


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